Gamiflux – a solution of playing all emulators on Xbox One


We have always been pursuing the best solution for playing console emulators on Xbox One. Although we could play several emulators on dev mode, there are many complex emulators which are very difficult or impossible to port such as PCSX2 and Dolphin etc. Also, sometimes switching between normal and dev mode back and forth itself is not very convinient either. To solve those issues, we’ve developed a streaming solution called Gamiflux to play almost all emulators on the console. What’s more, it could also play Steam games.

The solultion is based on server/client mode. You install emulators on the gaming PC, then add them into the Gamiflux Server, then install the UWP client to receive the emulator’s video and audio and play using your controller.

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Get a free developer account


Dev Mode is necessary for playing emulators on Xbox One. You have to own a developer account for Dev Mode activation. Microsoft is currently offering us a great opportunity to grab a developer account free of charge. It’s offered through Windows Dev Essentials where you could get a promo code to redeem the fees charged when you register a developer account. This is not for ever I guess, so hurry up to make use of it and save $19 for playing emulators on Xbox One.

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Kickoff of the Dreamcast Emulator WinDCe10


We start work on WinDCe10 – the most advanced Sega Dreamcast (DC) emulator for Xbox ONE. Play your favorite Dreamcast games on your Xbox One! No region lock, support save/load state, Video/Input Configuration, turbo mode.

Coming this summer.

Free of charge.

Please Donate, it will help and speed up the release.

If we get enough support from you (financial) then we want to start working on the PS2 emulator for Xbox ONE.

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