The Indiegogo PS2 Emulator project for Xbox One Retail Mode

Presale, Retail Mode, XPS2E

Dear gamers,

Would you like to play your favorite PlayStation 2(PS2) games on Xbox One? Back us only $10 on the Indiegogo PS2 Emulator project, you will own the PS2 emulator to play thousands of PS2 games on Xbox One.

Several years ago, a player ever asked me to develop a PS2 emulator for Xbox One, and he’d like to pay $20 for a single copy. I said no, because at that moment it’s impossible to have a good performance. Now with Xbox One S and X, there’s a chance to make it happen.

Without you guys, we won’t even be here today, let alone to challenge the bigger project. Hereby we once again require your back of our Indiegogo PS2 Emulator project.

Let’s together create this great feat.


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Play Console Emulators on Xbox One Retail Mode

Retail Mode

It’s the only way you can play PSX, GBA, N64 and PSP emulators on Xbox One Retail Mode. As far as we know, there are no other PSX or N64 emulator for Xbox One that works. Also no retail mode PSP emulator at all.

We only offer updates and enhancements to Retail Mode emulators from now on. We only support purchase through our web site, because Microsoft didn’t transfer the fund to us last time to stop us from publishing the apps any more.

Change log(Comparing to versions on developer mode)

  1. B button mapping fix for all emulators.
  2. Sound fix for PSX emulator.
  3. Full screen fix for PSP emulator.
  4. Full compatibility and full speed for GBA emulator.

Purchase Steps:

  1. Purchase the Golden Pack or Silver Pack($15).
  2. The redemption codes will be sent to your email.
  3. Redeem the apps on the App Store.
  4. A...
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Gamiflux – a solution of playing all emulators on Xbox One


We have always been pursuing the best solution for playing console emulators on Xbox One. Although we could play several emulators on dev mode, there are many complex emulators which are very difficult or impossible to port such as PCSX2 and Dolphin etc. Also, sometimes switching between normal and dev mode back and forth itself is not very convinient either. To solve those issues, we’ve developed a streaming solution called Gamiflux to play almost all emulators on the console. What’s more, it could also play Steam games.

The solultion is based on server/client mode. You install emulators on the gaming PC, then add them into the Gamiflux Server, then install the UWP client to receive the emulator’s video and audio and play using your controller.

Visit the official website for more de...

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Get a free developer account


Dev Mode is necessary for playing emulators on Xbox One. You have to own a developer account for Dev Mode activation. Microsoft is currently offering us a great opportunity to grab a developer account free of charge. It’s offered through Windows Dev Essentials where you could get a promo code to redeem the fees charged when you register a developer account. This is not for ever I guess, so hurry up to make use of it and save $19 for playing emulators on Xbox One.

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Kickoff of the Dreamcast Emulator WinDCe10


We start work on WinDCe10 – the most advanced Sega Dreamcast (DC) emulator for Xbox ONE. Play your favorite Dreamcast games on your Xbox One! No region lock, support save/load state, Video/Input Configuration, turbo mode.

Coming this summer.

Free of charge.

Please Donate, it will help and speed up the release.

If we get enough support from you (financial) then we want to start working on the PS2 emulator for Xbox ONE.

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The GBA10 Emulator has been updated


The Game Boy Advance emulator for Xbox One, GBA10, has been upgraded and now supports x64 processors.

This update is necessary, since with the last update of the Xbox OS x86 applications are not allowed.

We remind users who have already purchased the GBA10 emulator that can request the new version by opening a support ticket indicating their username and email with which they made the purchase. A greeting!


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WinPSe10 – Playstation 1 Emulator (PSX) for Xbox One is now available!


From the moment the Playstation 1 (PSX) emulator for Xbox One is available in our store to buy, download and install through Developer Mode of Xbox One. You can check their performance in this link where there are screenshots and a video. In addition, its price has been reduced to $4.99 and has been added to the Gold Package. The current version is Play and enjoy our favorite Playstation One games!

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