Play Console Emulators on Xbox One Retail Mode

Retail Mode

It’s the only way you can play PSX, GBA, N64 and PSP emulators on Xbox One Retail Mode. As far as we know, there are no other PSX or N64 emulator for Xbox One that works. Also no retail mode PSP emulator at all.

We only offer updates and enhancements to Retail Mode emulators from now on. We only support purchase through our web site, because Microsoft didn’t transfer the fund to us last time to stop us from publishing the apps any more.

Change log(Comparing to versions on developer mode)

  1. B button mapping fix for all emulators.
  2. Sound fix for PSX emulator.
  3. Full screen fix for PSP emulator.
  4. Full compatibility and full speed for GBA emulator.

Purchase Steps:

  1. Purchase the Golden Pack or Silver Pack($15).
  2. The redemption codes will be sent to your email.
  3. Redeem the apps on the App Store.
  4. A...
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