You will be wondering who we are, why we are dedicated to porting emulators for Xbox One and that kind of thing.

We are a group of gamers who enjoy video games and programmers who like to play next generation games, but also to old games. Specifically to the games that one played in his childhood and still has in his house, but that for reasons of the passage of time the consoles no longer work and we try to return to play these games in our new console.

We are not going to deny it, we are Xbox gamers and fans and for being our favorite entertainment console we also want to enjoy in it our old games that are no longer available in the market.

For all these reasons we are dedicated to bring emulators to Xbox One and thus to be able to enjoy again those games of many years. Unfortunately Microsoft does not allow emulator programs and / or game console simulators in its store, so we provide this option for all those who want to enjoy us like these old games.

The method of use and installation is very simple and you just have to follow the steps of this tutorial step by step to get it.

You ask why we charge for the emulators, we simply charge a few euros to continue to spend time improving the emulators, to update them and, as much as possible, to bring new emulators to Xbox One.

Please keep in mind that Windows Universal Applications (UWP) has a limited resource use on Xbox One, which to this day is the use of 4 processor cores and the limit of 1 GB of RAM. So we try to improve the emulators regularly so that they work as optimized as possible and the performance is the best possible. In Project Scorpio it is possible that more resources of the system are available, reason why the emulators would work much better.

To clear your doubts, get help installing the emulators or questions about the emulators you can go to our forum and raise them.

We remember that these emulators do not have official support by the video game companies of the emulated systems and that the use of data like the BIOS or games (roms) are copyrighted and it is necessary to have an original copy of the games to be able to use them , Depending on the legislation of each country regarding the rights of private copy, copyright and intellectual property. In this website, nor in the emulators that are distributed, contain official bios nor games (roms). These must be provided by the users to the emulator.

We end this presentation by thanking you for your support and we hope you enjoy the old games as you first played them.