How to Play?

As we know, it’d be fantastic to play emulators on a Xbox One. Unfortunately Microsoft has decided to not allow emulators on the App Store, so it’s basically impossible to install and play an emulator in a normal way. To conquer this obstacle, I build another solution. The whole process is a bit more complex than simply downloading an app from store, but not hard at all if you follow the instructions step by step. The brief breakdown of the solution.

  1. Register as an app developer for Windows Or the alternative to share developer account. There is a free developer account registration code. Check this post.
  2. Switch the Xbox One to Dev mode.
  3. Download the Window 10 SDK to the PC.
  4. Purchase and download an emulator from Store.
  5. Install(side load) the emulator into the Xbox One.
  6. Play with pleasure.

For detailed solution description, click here.