Play Console Emulators on Xbox One Retail Mode

Retail Mode

It’s the only way you can play PSX, GBA, N64 and PSP emulators on Xbox One Retail Mode. As far as we know, there are no other PSX or N64 emulator for Xbox One that works. Also no retail mode PSP emulator at all.

We only offer updates and enhancements to Retail Mode emulators from now on. We only support purchase through our web site, because Microsoft didn’t transfer the fund to us last time to stop us from publishing the apps any more.

Change log(Comparing to versions on developer mode)

  1. B button mapping fix for all emulators.
  2. Sound fix for PSX emulator.
  3. Full screen fix for PSP emulator.
  4. Full compatibility and full speed for GBA emulator.

Purchase Steps:

  1. Purchase the Golden Pack or Silver Pack($15).
  2. The redemption codes will be sent to your email.
  3. Redeem the apps on the App Store.
  4. Activate the emulators and play.

xb1emu team

12 comments to Play Console Emulators on Xbox One Retail Mode

  • xX0sledge0Xx

    hello, i ordered my emualtors exactly on week ago my order number is #2698, just wondering when i will receive them

    • xfresh78

      Did you ever receive them?

      • admin

        Yes, I sent you the codes. Check the email.

  • Ps1fan

    I bought the an emulator from you how long before you send me the codes? My order Order #2718

    • Ps1fan

      NM i just read it takes a week😂

      • Ps1fan

        Hello I have have not received any codes yet so i can get the emulator please respond Ty

        • admin

          I sent you the code just now. Please check your email.

          • Ps1fan

            Hey I’m very happy with the Emu great job just one thing i can’t delete roms from the list can you fix this TY ✌

  • joseph

    Does anybody know the button combination for all the emus forgot it

    Have not played in a while?

  • hayzoshinobi

    Oi Equipe Xb1 os emuladores funcionaram, é otimo poder jogar esses emuladores,espero que em breve voces possam mandar uma atualizaçao do emulador N64 pra melhorar a corrida dos frames, pois da pra jogar , so que o jogo que mais queria jogar sem bugs é star wars episodio 1 race, ia ser bom se corrigissem a queda de frames, e tambem os saves via ram!, um abraço!

  • gr1mreaper254yt

    i apologize not trying to be rude just really looking forward to playing some n64 but to my understanding the wait time is a week now i dont know if that means 5 or 7 days would realy appreciate some kind of info on when ill get the code the waiting and not knowing is killing me please respond ty order#2857

    • admin


      You will get the code after 7 days, so you can get it tomorrow.

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