Kickoff of the Dreamcast Emulator WinDCe10


We start work on WinDCe10 – the most advanced Sega Dreamcast (DC) emulator for Xbox ONE. Play your favorite Dreamcast games on your Xbox One! No region lock, support save/load state, Video/Input Configuration, turbo mode.

Coming this summer.

Free of charge.

Please Donate, it will help and speed up the release.

If we get enough support from you (financial) then we want to start working on the PS2 emulator for Xbox ONE.

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The GBA10 Emulator has been updated


The Game Boy Advance emulator for Xbox One, GBA10, has been upgraded and now supports x64 processors.

This update is necessary, since with the last update of the Xbox OS x86 applications are not allowed.

We remind users who have already purchased the GBA10 emulator that can request the new version by opening a support ticket indicating their username and email with which they made the purchase. A greeting!


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Playstation 1 Emulator (PSX) ported to Xbox One!


Hello everyone!

A few days ago we finished porting the Playstation 1 (PSX) emulator for Xbox One and we have to say that the performance is very good.

Soon it will be added to the store to be available to buy and use in Xbox One Developer Mode and we will give you all the details about it.

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