The Indiegogo PS2 Emulator project for Xbox One Retail Mode

Presale, Retail Mode, XPS2E

Dear gamers,

Would you like to play your favorite PlayStation 2(PS2) games on Xbox One? Back us only $10 on the Indiegogo PS2 Emulator project, you will own the PS2 emulator to play thousands of PS2 games on Xbox One.

Several years ago, a player ever asked me to develop a PS2 emulator for Xbox One, and he’d like to pay $20 for a single copy. I said no, because at that moment it’s impossible to have a good performance. Now with Xbox One S and X, there’s a chance to make it happen.

Without you guys, we won’t even be here today, let alone to challenge the bigger project. Hereby we once again require your back of our Indiegogo PS2 Emulator project.

Let’s together create this great feat.


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