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Dev Mode is necessary for playing emulators on Xbox One. You have to own a developer account for Dev Mode activation. Microsoft is currently offering us a great opportunity to grab a developer account free of charge. It’s offered through Windows Dev Essentials where you could get a promo code to redeem the fees charged when you register a developer account. This is not for ever I guess, so hurry up to make use of it and save $19 for playing emulators on Xbox One.

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  • tommy tremblay

    hello is this promotion still working

    • admin

      Possibily works. You could try it. It’s very simple. Remember don’t use the code in the image. It’s mine. You should get your own.

      • COOLKID

        how do you get your own code

  • 4Guardians

    It says error retrieving token when I try to claim a free dev membership.

  • StingRay

    How do I get the emulators on xb1?

    • admin

      Select the emulator you want on this page, then complete the checkout process. You you will get the packages thereafter.

  • Matt

    Gave me a code but it gives me the choice to either pay 20 or 100 buck rather than leaving a box to enter that code.

  • Matt


  • Matt

    Where do I redeem this code I have received????????

    • admin

      Did you use the same account for registering the developer account? There should be a step for you to enter the code if you use the same account.

      • Ty

        How do you get the free code? I signed up and everything but there’s no place for me to get a free code. Please help me

  • Ty

    How do you get the free code? I signed up and everything but there’s no place for me to get a free code. Please help me

    • Ty

      Hello? Please I need help

      • Amaterasu

        You need to enter your personal information first. On the billing page, you can then enter the code to get the Dev membership for free.

        • Ty

          Where’s that? I verified my student status so it should be free but I don’t see anything

  • Eliberis

    This worked perfectly thankyou. At the billing page just skip to bottom and it refreshes no payment needed its free.

  • comc82

    Do you know it’s still working?, i can’t find it. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome !!! Thanks a lot XB1EMU Team =) Just created my free dev account and activated my xb1 through it. Can’t wait to install the emulators. WUUUHUUUU

  • kanan

    I have sign in on this page but didn’t get any code ? how do you guys get this promo code ?

  • Pikachuk

    It seems to still work 4 months after ! that’s great

  • Mr gj

    Yaaaay im getting ppsspp emulator now im trying to play god of war ghosts of sparta

  • Mr gj

    So yes it still work

  • Kyrie


  • rick

    11/11/17 still works, now i have my perpetual dev acount

  • lucas

    how download on console and play ?

  • Sidnei

    Very thx !!!!!!!!!

  • Sentinela

    No more???

  • Sheik

    Is this still on?

  • Ps1fan

    Can you add some shaders for the psx make it look smooth would be perfect

  • maxplayne

    Here is where you will find out your free redemption code:
    Then you’ll just follow the page instructions.

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