Kickoff of the Dreamcast Emulator WinDCe10


We start work on WinDCe10 – the most advanced Sega Dreamcast (DC) emulator for Xbox ONE. Play your favorite Dreamcast games on your Xbox One! No region lock, support save/load state, Video/Input Configuration, turbo mode.

Coming this summer.

Free of charge.

Please Donate, it will help and speed up the release.

If we get enough support from you (financial) then we want to start working on the PS2 emulator for Xbox ONE.

21 comments to Kickoff of the Dreamcast Emulator WinDCe10

  • Moulham

    That would be Amazing!! please do it

    • jirkawaggon

      Your donation will speed up the development 🙂

  • Andre R

    Please babe online support especially for phantasy star online

    • admin

      May be in future. Our priority is bring emulator for Xbox ONE. Than we will check online capabilities via Xbox Live. Btw Your donation will speed up the development.

  • Greg Young

    DC is my favorite console ever ! Now it’ll be on my most preferred console available to date !

    Very excited

    • jirkawaggon

      Yes, DC is very amazing console.
      Please support..

  • 9lop9en

    all the dc emulators currently can not run record of lodass war…the game hangs at certain points which makes it unplayable…it would be interesting to see if this emu would have the same issues.

    • admin

      We plan support all Dreamcast games in WinDCe10.

  • Cristian Merola

    Just donated!
    Can’t wait for it.
    Thank you for also making it available for PC.

  • Cody

    This is very exciting! I’ll be purchasing an XB One X just so I can play Aerowings again!

    • jirkawaggon

      Your donation will speed up the development 🙂

  • 4Guardians

    I have a question. Do any of your emulators upscale the games to HD resolution? Also do they have any options to make the games look prettier?

    • admin

      Win64e and WinPSe10 don’t have scale options. I will consider to add that. For WinDCe10, upscaling to HD is possible at the start.

  • Matt

    Awesome, this’ll be great for SA1 and SA2 assuming they function properly.

  • TurntSnaco

    Hey there, any update on the progress of this emulator? Totally looking forward to it!!

  • James

    Any updates yet

  • vicu9mx

    Any updates?? i want to contribute, but an update would be nicer…

  • Baleegh Ishtiaq

    Any updates yet really looking forward to this.

  • Mike

    Is this still coming!? I’d donate as well if this thing is a reality

  • Mike Kollmorgan

    I donated nothing would be better than to see Dreamcast emulator for the Xbox one X so many great games to play

  • hiro

    Looking forward to DC emulator!

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