WinPSPe – Playstation Portable (PSP) Emulator


WinPSPe is a Sony Playstation Portable emulator. It runs games from the classic handheld game console. You can play WinPSPe on Xbox One. ** IMPORTANT: WinPSPe DOESN’T INCLUDE GAMES. GAMES MUST BE PROVIDED BY THE USER **   CREDITS The app is an UWP port of PPSSPP. The app icon is created by lastspark from Noun Project. Disclaimer WinPSPe is not endorsed by Sony. It’s not related with Sony at all. PSP and Playstation Portable© are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.  



Video source: Generación Xbox.


Version – 17/04/2017.

  • The version of the PPSSPP emulator has been updated to version 1.4 which brings the following new features:
  • Support D3D11 (performs better than OpenGL or D3D9 on most hardware)
  • Audio quality improvement (linear interpolation) (#8950)
  • Hardware spline/bezier tesselation in OpenGL, D3D11 and Vulkan (…)
  • Post-processing shaders in D3D11
  • Prescale UV setting removed, now the default (improves perf) (#9176)
  • High DPI display fixes
  • Various fixes for UMD switching for multi-UMD games (#9245, #9256)
  • New audio setting to improve compatibility with Bluetooth headsets
  • Various desktop gamepad compatibility fixes
  • Workaround for mipmap issue, fixing fonts in Tactics Ogre Japanese
  • Assorted minor compatibility fixes, code cleanup and performance improvements.