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12 comments to EmuLaunch

  • xX0sledge0Xx

    hello, i ordered my emualtors exactly on week ago my order number is #2698, just wondering when i will receive them

    • xfresh78

      Did you ever receive them?

      • admin

        Yes, I sent you the codes. Check the email.

  • Ps1fan

    I bought the an emulator from you how long before you send me the codes? My order Order #2718

    • Ps1fan

      NM i just read it takes a week😂

      • Ps1fan

        Hello I have have not received any codes yet so i can get the emulator please respond Ty

        • admin

          I sent you the code just now. Please check your email.

          • Ps1fan

            Hey I’m very happy with the Emu great job just one thing i can’t delete roms from the list can you fix this TY ✌

  • joseph

    Does anybody know the button combination for all the emus forgot it

    Have not played in a while?

  • hayzoshinobi

    Oi Equipe Xb1 os emuladores funcionaram, é otimo poder jogar esses emuladores,espero que em breve voces possam mandar uma atualizaçao do emulador N64 pra melhorar a corrida dos frames, pois da pra jogar , so que o jogo que mais queria jogar sem bugs é star wars episodio 1 race, ia ser bom se corrigissem a queda de frames, e tambem os saves via ram!, um abraço!

  • gr1mreaper254yt

    i apologize not trying to be rude just really looking forward to playing some n64 but to my understanding the wait time is a week now i dont know if that means 5 or 7 days would realy appreciate some kind of info on when ill get the code the waiting and not knowing is killing me please respond ty order#2857

    • admin


      You will get the code after 7 days, so you can get it tomorrow.

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